A Reflection

As the semester comes to an end, I am writing to sum up the experience of partaking in the class as well as the PEAK project. The PEAK projects were one of the most exciting things we did over the course of the semester. I really enjoyed the work that I did in relation to… Continue reading A Reflection

The Oregon Trail

Playing video games has been a past time for decades. One that many people have memories of is Oregon Trail. The Oregon Trail is a flash game where you control a group of five pioneers moving across the United States. The game has spawned memes and spin-off versions. The version I played was the deluxe… Continue reading The Oregon Trail


The reading is in relation to how 3-D scanning and printing has affected the museum sphere. One of the websites that was mentioned in the articles was Thingiverse. Not all of the items on Thingiverse are museum artifacts, many seem to be knick-knacky (Easter eggs, key holders, etc.) or simple creations that fix or solve… Continue reading Thingiverse


After checking out a few of the products on the zooniverse website, including the space and nature themed projects, I decided to work on the Criminal Characters project. This project is to transcribe records of Australian criminals. The criminal records that are being transcribed are from the 1850s to the 1940s. All of the transcribing… Continue reading Crowdsource


Photogrammar is an online archive that holds 170,000 photographs spanning from January 1935 to June 1944. The photos shown were taken by many different photographers, who were directed by the Farm Security Administration and the Office of War Information, both departments of the U.S. government. The purpose of the original photographs was to persuade the… Continue reading Photogrammar

First Post

Introduction I am Zara Iwen, as seen in my URL. I am a Junior at Concordia studying Heritage and Museum Studies (HMS). This class is required for the HMS major. I am looking forward to learning more about the digital sphere of history. So far, I am excited for the PEAK projects as they all… Continue reading First Post