A Reflection

As the semester comes to an end, I am writing to sum up the experience of partaking in the class as well as the PEAK project.

The PEAK projects were one of the most exciting things we did over the course of the semester. I really enjoyed the work that I did in relation to the Found in a Library Book website. Being able to look through these lost materials from over the years is almost comforting, as it reminds me that people have always been people. There have always been people who forget where they put things, there have always been those who use whatever they have on hand for tasks, and some people have always felt the need to show others spam letters.

Weebly was not the most user friendly in my case and that dampened my enjoyment of the project. It took almost two weeks for me to be able to get onto the website. Also, the fact that edits done to the website weren’t shown across the site to other editors made for some difficulty in doing early work on the site. Overall though I think that the website turned out well.

The project still has a way to go, and hopefully future Concordia students will find as much enjoyment in the project as I had. I also hope that students who view the site enjoy the items and find their own bit of joy in the collection.

This course has been an overall interesting experience. I enjoyed learning about the past and the future of technology, though some of the information on a person’s lack of privacy and need to control their narrative made me feel nervous about the future. I wish there was more time to explore the possibilities of 3-D printing and future proofing the history sphere, but that can be a future project.

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